The story of

Holly Elise

God encouraged me to get started reading and ask questions about anything I don’t understand, and He told me to start with His covenants – which neatly placed me in Genesis. As mentioned before, it took 6 years to get from Genesis to Revelation the first time.

Years later, I was reading an article on Socrates – “father of western philosophy” – and the technique he used to try to understand the world around him, he asked questions, sometimes to the annoyance of the ones being queried. This technique sounded very much like the conversations God and I would have over particular ideas, points, and events in scripture. I came to understand and know things I never even considered or knew before, and I was in NO way a Bible scholar! If just reading and asking God for understanding helped me, how much more any other average Joe, or Joanne, who has an interest in knowing God?

I set out from that point to share what I’ve learned and how I’ve learned it with others, hopefully, encouraging everyone I meet to open the word of God. It is so empowering!

I have come to understand:

  1. I am a precious child of God – a princess while I’m learning, and a queen when I come into a full knowledge of God and who I am in Him.
  2. I was created to be a mighty woman of God.

I have come to know and understand that when God looked at His creation, He thought “It was VERY good!”