Ezekiel 9

Daniel 9 is a pivotal chapter in our study of the book of Daniel. We learn in Dan 9:2, 24 that 70 weeks of years are determined upon Jerusalem for judgment, including multiple desolations of Jerusalem. 

Daniel took place during the first captivity, under the reign of Jehoakim.  Ezekiel’s captivity was the second captivity, under the reign of king Jehoakin.  And, it is Ezekiel God visits which in captivity in Babylon.  God calls Ezekiel to witness the final captivity, under the reign of king Zedekiah of Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 9 describes God giving the order to His angels to destroy Jerusalem, and most importantly, to start at His temple, slaughtering all who have not received His mark.  This chapters tells us several things about God – just in case you haven’t read the whole Bible yet:

  1. Ezekiel is being called to witness, not just the destruction of Jerusalem, but also, the withdrawal of God’s physical presence from the earth.  I-chabod!
  2. God is directing the destruction of Jerusalem and the captivity of His “chosen” ones – it is at His command that the destruction is taking place via Nebuchadnezzar.
  3. God will be directing the destruction of that final Gentile world power that He has blessed greatly, via the beast from out of the sea and the beast from out of the earth.

Has anyone else made these observations or any other observations?