Ezekiel 7

Revelation 11:1-2 tells us of a time when the temple of God Almighty in the earth will be closed off, and that the Gentiles (sons of Japheth, Genesis 10) would rule the world.  In fact, the book of Revelation tells the story of Babylon, describing the ascent of 6 Gentile world powers, and that the last would be the richest, most powerful, most technologically advanced, and most knowledgeable of them all – the superlative of every earthly standard; and, it would also be the weakest.

God calls that final Gentile world power Babylon.

Ezekiel is God’s discussion with this Babylon, and Ezekiel 7 is pivotal in laying out the case against Babylon in God’s execution of judgment upon Jerusalem.  We learn that there are 3 steps to destruction: 1) Pride; 2) Violence; and, 3) Wickedness.  Once an individual or society descends into wickedness, there is no other remedy but judgment, i.e., destruction.

Is this the message you get from Ezekiel 7?