Ezekiel 10

Picking up from Ezekiel 9’s blog.  Considering what Ezekiel was being called to witness, Ezekiel 10 give us the keen understanding that the very presence of God had resided in that temple in Jerusalem – the people of Jerusalem had direct access to God Almighty.  The mention of the Cloud hearkens back to Exodus 40:34, after Moses had completed construction of the tabernacle, the presence of the cloud – the visual and physical proof of God’s presence – covered the tent of the congregation.  And 1 Kings 8:10, after Solomon completed construction of the temple on permanent foundation and had the ark of the covenant brought in, the cloud filled the holy place, such that the priests could not enter.

It is in chapter 10 that we realize that the mercy seat resembles the very mobile throne of God we are shown from the beginning of Ezekiel.  This understanding makes us aware, to a greater extent, that what Ezekiel is telling us is that God was in the very presence of the children of Israel, and they still committed their abominations, thinking God didn’t see it!  This truly makes me wonder about the nature of human beings.  We are without excuse.

Chapter 10 also shows us that God is giving Jerusalem over to Nebuchadnezzar, the first Gentile world power, relating this scripture to Revelation 11:1-2.

And finally, we know that the “living creatures” Ezekiel first described are called “Cherubim”, and that the face of the cherub is that of an ox – not a darling little baby with wings. Has anyone else noticed this from their studies?